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  Doo guesthouse hostel is Seoul’s most popular hostel.
We offer the cleanest and one of the trustworthy facilities and have a superb location in the center of Seoul.
We provide affordable and comfortable accommodation for individuals, families and travel groups.

A wonderful mix of old and new, doo guesthouse’s neighborhood, Bukcheon, was an upscale residential area
in Jeosun Dynasty days and remained that way — wealthy and traditional -- until around 1920.

Just as construction began changing to modern styles, doo guesthouse was built around 1930,
right at the turning point from old Bukcheon to new Bukcheon.

But some things did not change ... including the old-fashioned dignity of our traditional Korean hanok architecture,
which combines the beauties of wood and stone to give guests at doo guesthouse house an unforgettable experience
of Korea in Jeosun times.